Monday, February 27, 2006

to my dog on wheels i am indebted to you.....

i went to see the new pornographers and belle and sebastian last night in montreal at the metropolis. here are some pictures. i wish i had a real camera because it was a very photogenic show.


Blogger jds said...

I saw a few VT plates in the parking lot. Knew there had to be some folks at the show. You weren't in the white Honda that I blasted past like an a-hole on rt. 133? If so, sorry.

Were you in the VIP section or just on the other side of the wall? Flatlander and I got kicked out of the stage right VIP.

Great pictures. So what was Stuart Murdoch doing when he disappeared down in the pit?

27/2/06 9:20 AM

Blogger jds said...

Contact me prior to the CYHSY show. See you there.

27/2/06 10:52 AM


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